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Taming the hackers

Monday 29 December 2014

This month, for the second time in the history of absolutenglish, the website was hacked.

First time was in 2006, and it was more like phishing, with a fake "Bank of America" page showing instead of the usual home page of my website.

This december, I got up that Monday morning to realise that the homepage had turned into a black page, with a weird music playing, and some F*** message that made things clear, the site had been hacked.
The whole data base had been spoiled, too... WTF

I’m no programmer, just a high-school teacher, and such a mess is even more stress... Almost 5 years of (hard) work gone with the web...But I did fix things up!

What the hell do you hackers go play on a free educational website? I’d strongly advised you to find some more challenging playground than the website of a teacher... There’s lots you could do, for sure, but please, leave us alone!

I’ve done my best to secure the site, and will definitely not be fooled again...

Note: the title of the message is in reference to the email of the hacker that recently took hold of the admin of the site again, leaving us a message about tupac, and a paypal widget. Dylan.tame, I’ll be watching you too...