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Laurence Bernard

I’m an EFL teacher. I’m a French native speaker. I teach at a high-school looking onto a beautiful Bay and Marina in Le Marin, Martinique, FWI .

I created Absolutenglish in 2002, although this version of the site is more recent. Archives are still online here at Absolutenglish-972

I have also been the webmaster of the English site of the academy of Martinique since 2006: http://cms.ac-martinique.fr/discipline/anglais/

I try to participate and contribute as often as possible to Cyber-langues http://cyber-langues.asso.fr/, French summer-meeting for language teachers interested in ICT . I am a member of the association.

I teach English and I use computers and Internet and Communication Technologies on a regular basis, either in the language lab, or in class with a lap-top and a video-projector, more recently with my tablet or the students mobile phones.

I encourage students to connect from home to different platforms or websites we use or suggest using in class, to keep studying English beyond school time.

My students and I share audio and video files via email or via platforms or social networks like Edmodo, because 2 to 3 hours of English a week is not enough to reach the expected B2 level at the end of high school

I believe in e-learning, I’m currently learning to play the guitare thanks to the Internet....I also beleive in m-learning, and I now hope to develop more teaching strategies with mobile devices .

In a nutshell, I love experimenting and discovering news ways and stategies to motivate my students, and to help them learn English more efficiently using new technologies.

I sometimes contribute to some other great sites but my favourite was , is and will be :

View online : Absolutenglish.org

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