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California Beach Party. Let’s (NOT) trash the beach!

Sunday 8 October 2017
by Laurence Bernard

I have just recently discovered this 2009 TV commercial produced by an environmental organization named "Keep California Beautiful" whose website is no longer available. Many great thanks to Emeline on eTeachNet, a discussion group for English teachers in France for suggesting the document.

In this awareness spoof , a group of youngsters in their beach suits appear in a mock version of a musical from the past filmed at Westward Beach, Malibu, California. They all have fun dumping the beach!
My students and I , in Martinique, FWI, are starting a virtual exchange with Ukiah California, and we know what beach parties mean...

The worksheet I came up with, and attached, mainly focuses on the vocabulary of dumping and pollutants.

Next step would/should be : "Clean the beach for a party project".