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Cars and the American road trip

Sunday 20 November 2016
by Laurence Bernard

I recently discovered ReadWriteThink’s Timeline generator and used it as a synthesis for a unit about "Cars and the American road trip" based on diverse documents
What I like about ReadWriteThink’s Timeline is that it generates a 2-page pdf document.
The first page is the Timeline itself. It shows the timeline, the dates and corresponding titles. The second page shows the full description for each event.
I use the pdf version of the timeline as the only authorized document for an oral presentation of the unit by the students. To differenciate learning, according to the level of the students, page 2 with the full descriptions can be handed-out as extra support.

PDF - 691.5 kb
Timeline- Cars and the American road trip

I decided to add interactivity to this nice-looking timeline and used Thinglink to provide more information about each event, which might help students get a deeper understanding of the topic.

Note The thinglink version of the timeline shows as NOW "204 million cars vs 191 million drivers" . The NOW reference being 2008 and the data was collected from a press article published in the students English book., (New Bridges, 1ere).