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Route 66

Wednesday 12 March 2014
by Laurence Bernard

In August 2010, Voa News Special English published this audio article entitled Historic Route 66: The Story of America’s ’Mother Road’

  • The 4 following audio files are extracted from this audio-article. Some parts have been abridged from the original and speed has been slighlty accelerated. Students listen to each part and do the activities on the worksheet provided below. Eventually, students write a summary of what they have learnt.
Route 66 - Part 1: Route 66 -Part 2:
Route 66 -Part 3: Route 66 -Part 4:
PDF - 181.5 kb
Route 66 - Student’s worksheet
  • This other activity will allow students to mindmap the trip from Chicago to Santa Monica, as told by VOA. Listen to the programme again from [00:05:44 to the end] or watch this "karaoké- podcast" on YouTube from [00:05:44 to the end] , and complete the blank mindmap.
PDF - 541.3 kb
VOA Historic Route 66 mindmap

Students will first work on the video in class with no script, then will be given the script which contains pairs of words /or phrases in bold to choose from. This activity was made using the suggestions provided by the automatic sub-title tool of YouTube". I am indeed curious to see how many students will check it out and trust it.

PDF - 59.8 kb
The Magic in Springfield