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New Year’s Resolutions

Thursday 3 January 2013
by Laurence Bernard

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Defining: What exactly is a New Year’s Resolution ?
Edited version - courtesy of Annie Taylor Lebel

I usually start my "New Year’s resolutions" lesson with this cartoon, courtesy of Annie Taylor Lebel. With the author’s permission, I edited the original carton to hide the answer to the question: "what exactly is a New Yaer’s resolution?" . Each student first has to come up with a definition before actually starting the activities on the worksheet.

I have used these activities for a few years now, but recompiled them into a ready-to-print worksheet for those who have no internet access in class.

The first 2 activities consist in 2 matching exercises to learn or revise vocabulary related to the topic of "New Year’s resolutions". These exercises are adpated from iteslj.org and Boggle’s World

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Resolutions Pie-chart
originally from www.mygoals.com, 2008

In the third and fourth activity, students read examples of resolutions and match them with a category from the pie-chart illustrating the percentage of people by category. Then students write their own sentences to reactivate previously learnt words and phrases.
This activity is based on documents originally found at www.mygoals.com, but no longer available. I have edited the 2008 pie-chart version and erased the date to make the document adaptable whatever the new year.

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Bridget Jones’s Diary Poster

Eventually, students work on the Bridget Jones’s Diary movie poster available online here , first for pronunciation, then to submit a recording as a final task.

As a continuation to this activity my students have also enjoyed a listening comprehension activity you can download from here.


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