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"SpellSay EFL" Android App

Saturday 3 November 2012
by Laurence Bernard

English pronunciation can be tricky, since a similar combination of letters can be pronounced differently.

This new app, called SpellSayEFL will let users learn or revise spelling, pronunciation and phonetics (IPA transcriptions) through 9 series of 8 words each. Users can also learn or revise vocabulary, thanks to the integrated dictionary at wordreference.com.

Here is how it works:

And here is an example.

By clicking on the words, users will hear them pronounced, and can play the series back ("Playback" button), or "Reset" to erase the previous playlist. IPA transcription is meant to help users identify the different sounds

Users can also look up for a translation thanks to the integrated wordreference.com dictionary.

* This app, like previous apps in this section, was made with App Inventor here at http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/

* SpellSayEFL1 was originally adapted from Pr. Wolber’s "Xylophone" app

* Phonetic IPA transcriptions were taken from www.oxforddictionaries.com

Scan QR Code to download the App (Android only) or click HERE for direct download. (updated in May 2018)

Downloading the app will create a new icon. Check it out in your list of apps.