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Vocapp 1: Learn English vocabulary

Monday 29 October 2012
by Laurence Bernard

This app, like the two previous apps ("Wh- Die ’n Rec App for EFL" and 15 US Monuments and Landmarks") was made with App Inventor.

It is based on an App called RefSignals by Green Hugues and the idea stems from Stephane Busuttil’s slideshow in the Kitchen.

It consists of a series of 6 quizzes (in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, full English breakfast, Friday dinner) based on 6 pictures with one element in colour to recognize each time, by choosing the correct word.

The final score to each quiz is displayed after 20 questions. Note that some questions can be repeated several times within the same quiz, to make sure that students don’t pick random answers, and to have them try to memorize the words.

Below are a few screenshots of the app

PNG - 353.3 kb
Choose your quiz
PNG - 310 kb
Feel like playing?
PNG - 280 kb
Choose the correct answer
PNG - 260.6 kb
Your answer is correct
PNG - 287.2 kb
Feedback for wrong answer
PNG - 239.2 kb
Check your score


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