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Wh- Die ’n Rec Android App for EFL

Saturday 31 December 2011
by Laurence Bernard

The Wh- Die ’n Rec App for EFL should be used on an Android mobile device (phone or tablet) while studying a document, whatever its type (text, picture, video).

Here is how it works:

- Click on the red die to generate a Wh- word that students will have to use to ask a question about the document under study (note that the app itself does not provide this document).

- Click on the "Start recording" button to record a question.

- Click on the "Stop recording" button to stop recording.

- After recording, students can listen to their questions thanks to a list of all recorded items.

This application started from MagnusKJ’s "Make a Dice App" on Youtube which we thoroughly followed and then adapted to our own needs.

About the audio functions of this app (recording and listening to recorded files) I followed JW Tyler’s instructions for "YamNotAParrot" on Youtube, which I then slightly modified.

To download, test or use the Wh- Die ’n Rec App for ELF in class, scan the Qr Code below: