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Fight Cyberbullying lesson plan

Sunday 15 May 2011
by Laurence Bernard

I came across the two photos that start the sequence and immediately thought something had to be done with my students on this crucial and rising issue of Cyberbullying.

It took me about a day or two to review resources online and make my choice to create a sequence with 2 final tasks: a poster and an audio PSA for a radio as part of an awareness campaign to fight Cyberbullying.

All sorts of resource material and links are integrated throughout the sequence to work on different skills. The lesson plan is divided into 11 parts/ activities and uses photos, surveys, charts, audio and texts to have students interact, discuss, read, write and speak to convince.

Below is a Google form I edited for my students. All answers are sent to the corresponding spreadsheet in my Google account.

Download the lesson plan below and don’t hesitate to post feedback.

One technology I would be curious to be able to use in class, or rather beyond teaching-time (in a few years time maybe?) are qrcodes.
I created a collection of qrcodes for this lesson plan that you can download. Each qr code links to one of the main resources used in this lesson plan (pictures, charts, definitions, audio podcast and reading). I still have to find out whether my students or parents would be interested in using qr codes for educational purposes.

Photo by Litandmore: No Bully Zone - CC- BY-SA-NC