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New Year’s resolutions: Don’t be a Gary!

Wednesday 22 December 2010
by Laurence Bernard

Each new year is a perfect opportunity to work on Resolutions with my students.

- This Resolutions lesson plan is not only an occasion to learn or revise how to express future intentions (I will, I won’t, I want to, I plan to, I’m determined to, etc...) as suggested in this activity on the Internet Tesl Journal, but it’s also a great way to revise the expressions of goal and purpose as well as Daily routine vocabulary.

- I have used the site mygoals.com to find data year after year on top resolutions. Each link from the Press Release page points to data and information on Resolutions year after year, including a pie chart by category and all the vocabulary students might need to speak about their own resolutions or other people’s resolutions.

- I also include in this lesson plan activities on Essay Writing. I use several resources from the Internet to build up the different skills required to write an essay in English in about 200 words.

- Eventually, students work on this final essay: Are you a Gary?
I give my students theoutline here to help them answer the question

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- Don’t miss Patricia Saez’s worksheet (.pdf) here with lots of activities to study the video.

Photo-Sally Mahoney: Happy New Year, cc-By-Sa