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"If I were a rich man" Vs "Rich Girl"

Wednesday 2 July 2008
by Laurence Bernard

This lesson plan is based on two video-clips that are two different interpretations, at two different epoques, of the same popular song. Students really enjoy the videos and the lesson plan!

- This "If I were a rich man" vs "Rich girl" lesson plan starts with two before-watching vocabulary activities for each video.

Worksheet 1 is the before watching activity for "If I were a rich man".

Worksheet 2 is the before-watching activity for "Rich Girl". Both are similar: the task is to sort out vocabulary used in the song according to their semantic-field (money, people, places, etc.).

- After watching both videos, students should be ready to compare them using Worksheet 3

- Eventually, students have to write about what they would do if they were a rich/poor man or girl. Worksheet 4 should help students cope with this task.

As a final task/project, I play and provide the students with an instrumental version of the song and they have to write their own lyrics. You can download the Instrumental version here.
Note that students may use such a freeware as Audacity to record their own voice over the music as in a karaoke. They may also be asked to create their own video-clip!

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